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Vapemag.co.nz Is an online news resource built for the New Zealand vaping community. The information we publish is carefully sourced from local and international resources with the intention to better educate the public about the benefits and risks associated with vaping. With the help of experienced vaping contributors, advocacy.and local industry we hope to help clear the pathway towards responsible regulation.

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    Robert Reid – Bobby

    The founder of EasyPuff NZ, Robert Reid is a vape shop owner with more than eight years of business ownership in the vaping industry and was perhaps New Zealand’s first prominent vape influencer. Through EasyPuff, Robert sells direct to retail consumers and to vaping businesses on a wholesale basis. Robert has also opened two brick-and-mortar EasyPuff vape shops in New Zealand. EasyPuff has achieved sustainable success and growth through the difficult and sometimes painful process of learning what does and doesn’t work in the vaping industry.

    Robert has extensive international business experience. The business name EasyPuff is a registered international trademark in all nations – including China – and EasyPuff ships vaping products throughout the world except to areas in which vaping is banned. EasyPuff aggressively invests its profits toward furthering the goal of greater international expansion. Robert understands that building a thriving online and offline business in today’s global economy requires careful selection and management of a blend of full-time employees and remote contractors around the world.

    Although Robert spends an increasing amount of his time focusing on vaping advocacy in New Zealand, he continues to be involved with the day-to-day operations of EasyPuff and in managing the company’s six employees. Robert believes that the best way to understand the pulse of the vaping community is by interacting directly with his customers as often as possible. His greatest passion is in helping New Zealand achieve its goal of becoming smoke free by 2025.

    Robert remains active in all areas of EasyPuff and Vape Magazine NZ. In addition to business management and customer interactions, his specialties include web design, social media and online marketing.