Canadian Vaping Industry not looking good 


‘The Canadian vape industry is under pressure like many other countries around the world, flavour bans and legislative changes are looking to upset yet another country’

David Richmond-Peck, CEO The Juice Punk Inc. / TJP Labs Contract Manufacturing Services, discusses how we can all join together to protect the Canadian industry and continue to provide alternatives to combustible tobacco.

‘That desire to make a difference, to the lives of those addicted to combustible tobacco products, forged the beginning of the Canadian Vaping Industry. One entrepreneur at a time. Each one of them unique but all motivated to pioneer an industry from scratch. They worked from their homes, stashed inventory in their cars, and were the founding fathers of DIY. They ignored the people who laughed and shook their heads and forged a path for many of us to follow, including me. A way that led us to the GMP standard manufacturing practices our company follows today’


Alberta announced its to review smoking legislation with the aim of regulating vaping, Calgary-Klein MLA Jeremy Nixon will lead the review and will work with Alberta Health to examine the evidence and consult with Albertans and stakeholders, Health Minister Tyler Shandro said Wednesday.

“We want to let people know the risks of vaping and we want to regulate it based on the evidence,” Shandro said. “So we’re going to take a close look at vaping as part of the overall review of our smoking legislation.”

Alberta’s Tobacco and Smoking Reduction Act requires a review to begin by Nov. 1. The current legislation does not address vaping, Shandro noted.

Ontario is also looking at tight restrictions and is considering a possible flavour ban. Health Minister Christine Elliott opened the door to the provincial government exploring ways to tackle e-cigarette flavours, as the PCs announced new bans on vaping advertisements Friday.

“When flavours are described as peach juice, for example, I don’t think that most adults that are using vaping as a smoking cessation product would be enticed by that,” she said. “So certainly the flavours are something that we’re looking at, yes.”

Earlier this month, e-cigarette maker JUUL announced it would suspend the sale of flavours like mango, fruit and cucumber in the United States, although the decision didn’t affect JUUL Canada.

Although it’s Health Canada that primarily looks at regulations around flavours, Elliott said that wouldn’t stop the province from doing its own work.

“There are some restrictions that we could place on that and there is a responsibility of course from the federal government as well,” she said, adding she’ll bring the issue up with whoever the next federal health minister is.”

Earlier in the day, Elliott announced the PCs would ban the promotion of products in convenience stores and gas stations, which led to mixed reactions.

All in all, there’s a massive shakeup in Candia while vapers and industry players are worried  The Canadian Vaping Association is in full swing doing their part to help save its industry, Larry talks to Darryl Tempest Executive Director of the Canadian Vaping Association Response Letter to Reports Of Lung Disease 

The Canadian vape industry is under pressure like many other countries around the world, flavour bans and legislative changes are looking to upset yet another country’

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