Disposable Vape Devices Inspire Art & Action To Reduce Waste


Disposable vape devices pose recycling and disposal challenges. An art display highlights this waste problem with artwork that incorporates vaping hardware.

Author credit to Patti Roth 

Instead of tossing out its imperfect items, a company that makes vape devices submitted its unusable stock to organizers of an innovative upcycling project. The pen-shaped hardware provided the foundation for an art exhibit. The decision energized a network of people and organizations eager to reduce waste in the trendy vaping industry.

Single-use vapes are often regarded as disposable. However, a responsible approach for vape discards is not available in most places. Recycling programs are not equipped to process them. And sometimes vape waste is not even suitable for the regular trash.

About a dozen artists participated in the project, which required that each piece incorporate vaping devices. The supply of roughly 45,000 unused manufacturing rejects came from Jupiter Research, which designs and manufactures vaping hardware.

The exhibit, “Carts for the Arts,” is at UpcyclePop in Sacramento during February. And it’s also available to enjoy online.

The exhibit features 20 pieces, including:

  • Flapper dress featuring fringed layers formed with about 1,000 vapes from Martha Jones, whose quote about recycling in the online exhibit includes: “Use what’s here. Lessen the footprint.”
  • 10-foot tree with a richly-textured trunk formed with 4,000 single-use vape pens and LED lights from Yennie Zhou
  • Stella the Sea Turtle from artist Brittany Estep
  • Battery-operated Bluetooth speaker with music-activated colored lights from JP Odbert
  • Chandelier featuring 90 vape cartridges from Clinton Petrino

“The purpose of the exhibit was to draw awareness to the large waste issue created by the cannabis industry and why we can and should act now to change course,” according to Shira Lane, founder and CEO of The Atrium, a nonprofit organization promoting innovation for sustainability.

Sourced from: author credit to Patti Roth 

Good to vape products are getting recycled in other countrys mayby thats something New Zealand should adopt

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