Is It Safe To Vape Without Nicotine?


E-liquid is available with or without nicotine, but is it safe to vape if you don’t have nicotine in it?

E-cigarettes have been available now for over a decade and continue to be an increasingly popular and effective way for smokers to quit smoking. There have been hundreds of studies done into vaping and its effectiveness as a cessation tool for smokers. 

One study, conducted by Public Health UK, found that e-cigarettes could be as much as 95% safer than traditional cigarettes and also an effective tool to help smokers quit smoking. Despite this, there are other studies that claim the opposite. 

Regardless of this, many people have concerns about one of the key ingredients in e-liquid – nicotine. Many European countries have restricted e-liquid to a maximum nicotine level of 20mg/ml. Some countries, including Australia, have banned the sale of e-liquid which contains nicotine altogether.

While both traditional cigarettes and e-liquid have nicotine in them, the two are very different, which leads many people to ask is it safe to vape e-liquid without nicotine?

Why Do People Vape E-Liquid with Nicotine? 

When you have been smoking traditional cigarettes for a while, your body becomes addicted to nicotine. Whenever you attempt to quit smoking, you experience intense cravings to smoke again, and your body goes through withdrawals. 

While vaping may not be 100% good for you, nothing done excessively ever is, traditional cigarettes are well-known to cause cancer. Tobacco kills almost half the people who use it, 8 million people per year die because of tobacco use. 

When you first start vaping and making the transition from traditional cigarettes to e-cigarettes, you begin with an e-liquid with high nicotine levels. Usually, in the 18-20mg/ml range. Once you get used to the e-cigarette, the next step is to start reducing the number of cigarettes you smoke.

Over the next few months, you should gradually faze out cigarettes altogether. For some people, this can be days or as little as a week. Individual results will vary. Patience and persistence are key. If you find yourself slipping, just take a step back and try again. 

Once you have quit smoking traditional cigarettes, you can begin to drop the level of nicotine in your e-liquid. As well as being better for you, this will also allow you to vape different flavoured e-liquid with more subtle flavour profiles. 

For smokers attempting to quit, nicotine is an essential ingredient in e-liquid and a vital part of the quitting process. Without the nicotine component, the transition from traditional cigarettes would be almost impossible for many smokers. 

Is It Safe To Vape E-Liquid Without Nicotine?

Vaping and e-cigarettes were invented as a safer alternative to smoking traditional cigarettes. If you’re interested in vaping because your friends are doing it or you saw someone doing vape tricks on YouTube, you’re going to be hugely disappointed. Vaping doesn’t make you cool, and it definitely has nothing to offer someone who hasn’t smoked. 

While vaping may be much safer than smoking, anything done excessively can be harmful. We are told to drink a certain amount of water every day to stay healthy, but if you drink too much water, you can do serious harm to yourself. 

So, when done excessively, even vaping nicotine-free e-liquid could be bad for you. 

Don’t take the risk, just to get a few likes on Facebook or a few views on YouTube. Popularity just isn’t worth it.

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