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Washington ban flavors apparently because of “epidemic” decline in teen smoking. Vice Magazine questions UK vaping vs US. Military vape ban may have caused soldiers lung injuries. Teen whose parents blamed his hospitalization on retail vapor products admits to using “other” vape pen.

WASHINGTON: (UPDATE) State bans e-cig flavors apparently to stop “epidemic” of record DECLINE in youth smoking? Grade 12 smoking rates were flat, dropping only 3.1 percentage points from 2002-10. As vaping rose from 2010-18, grade 12 smoking rates dropped a WHOPPING 11.6 percentage points! Young adult (18-24 yrs) smoking is also now at a RECORD LOW, so that contradicts the “gateway” theory of teens who vape moving on to smoking as young adults.

How many other “epidemics” in history actually led to POSITIVE public health outcomes??

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One of the most effective methods of gaining support is a large group of people. Take time to develop a short 10-second explanation of what vaping means for you and others

Vaping has reduced smoking rates by 50% 18-24 year olds since 2014 

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