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Michael Bloomberg’s Anti-Vaping Crusade Is Objectively Pro-Tobacco –


Former New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg, the billionaire busybody who can be counted on to oppose individual freedom in almost every area of life, is launching a prohibition crusade against flavored e-cigarettes. In a New York Times op-ed piece co-authored by Matthew Myers, president of the Campaign for Tobacco-Free Kids, Bloomberg argues that "banning flavored e-cigarettes is the most important thing we can do to reduce use among young people."

If by "important" Bloomberg and Myers mean "emotionally satisfying to puritanical paternalists," they are absolutely right. But if they mean that banning flavoured e-cigarettes is a reasonable response to underage vaping, that it respects the choices of adult consumers, or even that it is good for public health, they could not be more wrong.

The premise of Bloomberg’s $160 million campaign, which aims to persuade "at least 20 cities and states" to "pass laws banning all flavoured tobacco and e-cigarettes," is that flavoured e-liquids are obviously designed to entice "children," because only children like them. That is demonstrably false.

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