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Hi there, my name is Nathan Rose and I am currently the Vapourium Timaru Store Manager.
I would like to take a moment to share my story with yall’

Before I started working at Vapourium I was a spray painter for 10+ years dealing mainly in Isocyanate coatings (the really bad for you, stinky solvent-based paint),I wasn’t a big PPE wearer and when people would comment on it I would scoff and say “All of those solvents have to get through that layer of tar and muck to do any damage to my lungs

I was a ridiculously heavy smoker, chugging back a 50g, 30g and a pack of 25 tallies every single week, I look back at what it used to cost and I still can’t figure out how on earth I afforded it.

I was at a party and a friend was vaping, me being the mate that still smoked I heckled him about it, I still remember his response – “Dude what u spend a week lasts me months and I don’t have that awful wheezy cough when I get up, who’s the mug now?”.
Well, that stuck in my head all night and the next day as I woke up with no smokes and a hangover to boot, I found myself on a website buying my first ever vape!

That was nearly 4 years ago and vaping was pretty new to NZ,so when my vape arrived it was a pretty daunting task of trying to figure out how to use the device,2days later being frustrated I told my wife I’m throwing it out and smoking again, luckily she had the good sense to do some googling and found out we have a shop in NZ specifically for vaping, Hello Vapourium!!!

10mins on the phone with a wonderful chap from Vapourium (I feel really bad for forgetting his name), we figured out the nicotine was way too strong for my device,the next day new juice and a pamphlet on the do’s and don’ts of vaping arrived,what a game-changer that was!!!, my vape was smooth and not harsh at all.
Fast forward a month and I was completely ciggy free,I noticed I didn’t get short of breath doing mundane tasks anymore,I had a savings account for the first time in my adult life,and I could smell things that I never had before,but what I noticed the most was now I couldn’t even mix a can of paint without my PPE,the fumes just choked me up now I didn’t have that “Layer of muck and tar”
A month later and my company’s annual health check-ups happened and my lung capacity had jumped from 4.22ltrs to 6.28lts!!!!!!!!!

Fast forward to the current day and I now manage Timaru’s Vapourium Store and on a daily basis get to help people quit the ciggy’s. My question to you is how has vaping improved the quality of your life??

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Vapourium have been around for years they are one of NZs leaders in vaping equipment, I have a lot of respect for there team and what they stand for keep up the good work. Nathans story is one of many we are sharing, its clear indication of there culture

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