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Vaping is a hobby for some and a lifestyle for others. For some, it’s simply a better way of getting one’s nicotine fix. Every type of vaper, though, has one thing in common: life isn’t much fun for you if you can’t vape or aren’t getting the vaping experience you want. Our goal for this article is

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Vaping is a hobby for some and a lifestyle for others. For some, it’s simply a better way of getting one’s nicotine fix. Every type of vaper, though, has one thing in common: life isn’t much fun for you if you can’t vape or aren’t getting the vaping experience you want. Our goal for this article is to help ensure that never happens to you by describing the most essential vaping resources that belong in your arsenal. If you want to ensure that you’re prepared for anything, this is the vape gear that you absolutely must-have. Add one of these items to your cart today and start building your personal vaping arsenal.

RDA and Coil Building Supplies

Do you live in a neighbourhood with just one local vape shop? If you do, it’s likely that the shop inflates its prices a bit to take advantage of the lack of competition. Being the smart consumer that you are, you buy most of your vaping gear online to keep your prices down – but every once in awhile, you probably forget to reorder. Are you going to tide yourself over by buying a box of overpriced coils locally while you wait for your online order to ship? No way – not a smart consumer like you. If you always have coil building supplies available, you always have a way to vape – without overpaying – if you unexpectedly find yourself out of your usual coils. The UD Skywalker is a cheap RDA that doesn’t compromise at all on performance. Many tanks also have rebuildable coil heads available.

Spare Batteries or a Spare Vaping Device

Lithium-ion batteries usually fail gradually, giving you plenty of warning that they’re about to go. Other times, though, batteries aren’t quite so graceful in their final days. If you plugged in your mod one day – and it didn’t charge – do you have a solution that would allow you to continue vaping? If you don’t, you’ll be very happy if you have a pair of backup batteries or a spare vaping device with a built-in battery. The Lasimo Nano is a simple box mod with a built-in battery that costs just $28.

Coil Building Tool Kit

Do you build your own vape coils? Do you constantly find yourself wasting time while preparing to build because all of your tools and accessories are in different places? If you answered “yes” to those questions, you will be absolutely amazed by how much time you can save with a coil building kit. We sell the Geekvape Mini Tool Kit for just $34.95. The kit comes in a padded carrier that keeps your tools nicely organized and in one place. As for the tools, they’re pretty much everything you could possibly need for coil building. In the kit, you’ll get ceramic tweezers, scissors, pliers, wire cutters, a pair of screwdrivers and a coil winding tool. Just add your own wire and cotton, and you’re ready to build coils quickly and painlessly every time.

Spare USB Charging Cable

Do you vape in the car? If your vaping device accepts a charge via USB as most devices do, it’s a good idea to grab an extra charging cable for the car. Few things are more annoying than a vaping device that dies during a long drive. Since most cars these days have USB ports, it’s a simple matter to keep an emergency charging cable in the car – something you may already do for your phone.

Emergency E-Liquid

As we mentioned above, brick-and-mortar vape shops with no local competition often try to earn the most money possible from their exclusive markets by charging a bit more for their products. If your local vape shop doesn’t keep its prices reasonable, it isn’t just a good idea to have coil building supplies available; it’s also wise to buy some emergency e-liquid that’s different from what you usually vape. You might consider buying an enormous bottle of unflavoured vape juice, for example, to use while you wait for online shipments to arrive. One of the greatest benefits of vaping is that it costs so much less than smoking. You don’t want to cut into those savings by overpaying when you run out of supplies unexpectedly.

External Battery Charger

Most vaping devices support USB charging. In most cases, though, you can’t use a vaping device while charging it because the device draws power far more quickly than the charger can replenish it. Does your device have removable batteries? Are you tired of experiencing downtime while the device charges? Grab an external battery charger and a couple of extra pairs of batteries. Rather than charging your device via the USB cable, you can swap out dead batteries and charge them in the external charger. An additional benefit of a good battery charger is that it can supply more information about your batteries. Some chargers will tell you exactly how long it’ll take to complete the charge cycle. Others let you choose the charging speed. Charging your batteries slowly minimizes stress from heat and may help your batteries last longer.

Ultrasonic Cleaner

Would you like it if your coils last longer – a lot longer? Of course, you would. That’s especially likely to be true if you’re one of the many vapers in the world who uses sweetened e-liquids. The gunk that sucralose leaves on a coil absolutely kills the vaping experience. The burned sugar taste is horrible, and it covers the delicate flavours in your expensive e-liquids. Wouldn’t you love not having to replace your coil every day? An ultrasonic cleaner might provide the answer. When you leave a coil in an ultrasonic cleaner overnight, the constant agitation breaks up the coil gunk and leaves the coil looking nice and shiny. If you establish a rotation – using one coil while some are in the cleaner and others are left out to dry – you’ll likely find that you can double or triple your coil life.

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