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Vape Ban News: Small Wins, and Lots More Work Ahead


Last week ended with a mix of good and bad news. There were a couple of encouraging legal developments, and two governors admitted they didn’t have authority to ban flavored vapes by executive order. Unfortunately, two other governors did. More lawsuits are being heard too.

The bottom line: it was an awful week, but not as bad as the hell week that came before it.

There are good things happening too. More mainstream reporters are asking hard questions about the vape bans and how they will affect people who’ve used e-cigs to quit smoking. And huge numbers of vapers are joining Twitter to challenge ban-happy politicians and activist anti-vaping organizations directly.

All the new activity by angry vapers has resulted in at least one ridiculous story accusing the vape industry of using astroturf tactics to promote the #wevapewevote hashtag. We’re getting noticed! We’re also coming together.

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