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Smoked for 33 years, never wanted to quit really, I actually enjoyed smoking. My daughter however used to cry when she saw the ads on tv, saying ‘Mum you’re going to die.’

I had a client who turned up for a tattoo, he had this pen looking thing. I asked him what it was. He replied its a vape. He had quit for several months. I went the next day and bought a cheap e-cig. It did the trick for a little while, but I needed something better. So did some research, on vapes etc and found s setup that worked for me.

Before quitting, I was smoking 2x 50grams of tobacco a week. I quit in an extremely stressful time in my life, I have now been smoke free for four years through vaping. I’ve also gone through a career change, lifestyle change and now a divorce. Still, I do NOT wish to ever smoke again. I look back now and can’t believe I smoked for as long as I did. If I can quit, anyone can.

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More good work from the team at Vapourium a great new Zealand vape company doing there thing for smokers.

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